ANDREWS KURTH KENYON LLC is recognized as a firm that manages complex legal matters in all major industries and areas of business law and litigation. They build the best team for each client by using a multidisciplinary approach that combines knowledge, experience and individual strengths across eleven offices worldwide.  


The firm helps clients to identify the risks inherent at each stage of a project as well as to identify solutions to mitigate those risks.  With over 100 years in the energy industry, the practice crosses all aspects of international LNG transactions, including the regulatory approval process, corporate matters (including entity selection, corporate governance, and joint venture considerations), engineering, procurement and construction contracts, long-term off-take agreements and terminal use agreements, gas supply and transportation agreements, operation and maintenance agreements, corporate, structured and project finance and securities offerings (including master limited partnerships).

Andrews Kurth Kenyon LLC manages a range of regulatory matters in the scope of complex LNG projects. They work with clients to confront the economic, geopolitical and environmental challenges of large LNG projects. 

DREXEL HAMILTON LLC is a full-service institutional broker-dealer and a a recognized leader in infrastructure banking and particularly in the ports, transportation, and goods movement industry as well as the oil and gas sector.  Operating out of eight offices across the US from New York to San Francisco, their range of services include Capital Markets, Equities, Corporate Debt, Government Debt, Municipal Finance, Investment Banking, and Corporate Access. Founded on the principle of offering meaningful employment opportunities to disabled veterans, they partner finance industry veterans with service-disabled veterans to provide public and private institutions with industry-leading Fixed Income Execution & Strategy, Equity Research & Execution, and Investment Banking Services.  

ENGINEERING AND TECHNICAL SERVICES (ETS) is a local, Bahamas-based company with 18 years of practical experience in providing structural and civil design, geo-technical and inspection services.  With offices in Nassau, the firm has been engaged in a number of commercial and residential projects in the Bahamas, including schools, docks, bulkheads, towers and bridges.  The ETS Structural Design Group is able to provide comprehensive structural design solutions for steel, concrete and timber structures.  ETS's Civil Design Team works closely with land developers and provides monitoring surveys and materials testing to ensure compliance with approved drawings.   The ETS Geo-Technical Services Group carries out its own boring and testing, with a full in-house testing lab.

ISLANDS BY DESIGN is dedicated to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future and lead to social and economic improvements in the community.  The company provides environmental and engineering consulting services to residential and resort developments, marinas, ports, and government infrastructure improvement projects throughout The Bahamas with due consideration given to the natural environment, social, political, economic and governance factors.

Islands by Design was founded from its predecessor EIA (Bahamas) Ltd in 1994 by Keith Bishop, a professional with over thirty years' experience in project management consulting and a passion for the environment and the desire to protect and preserve our natural habitat. He has more than 30 years’ experience as a local environmental consultant in the Caribbean, conducting environmental impact assessments.

The company has provided environmental planning and management, and performed environmental impact assessments for over 350 projects ranging from small residential developments to major industrial and commercial projects throughout the Bahamas, the wider Caribbean and Central Americas for 30 years.  Working on a variety of projects has given the company diverse knowledge and exceptional understanding of the local regulatory Regime.

Island by Design's extensive network of local and international industry professionals enable them to deliver first-rate technical analysis, review, and management for projects of a broad range of disciplines including marine sciences, wetlands ecology, coastal processes, plant ecology, air quality, archaeology, socioeconomic and environmental permitting and planning. Islands by Design is able to offer multidisciplinary engineering design services, land planning and landscape architecture, project management and execution.

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